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The FEEDGROW® barley sprouts make a big difference in feeding cost and profitability because the barley sprouts make up the bulk of your ration and at a cost of R0.80c – R0.90c /kg.

Production is done in six grow days and because you harvest every day by removing the tray from the front of the unit at the harvest site and entering a new full sowed tray from the back side (seeding side) every day by pushing all the product forward you will have feed every day as long as you seed and harvest every day. Thus a continuous cycle.

The normal rule of thumb is to feed 2kg of barley sprouts daily for sheep/goats and 10kg – 15kg per day for cattle depending on your specific ration and weight targets.

Our most popular FG750 unit has the best ratio of Rand to production delivery.

The FG750 delivers 750kg of sprouts per day which enables you to feed either 375 sheep/goats or 75 cattle in a pen or enclosure.

I can currently offer you the FG750 which produces 750kg per day at a special price of R545 000 VAT excluded, the normal list price is R595 125-00 VAT excluded.

The above special offer includes free delivery and installation.

FEEDGROW® is a listed vendor at all banks where financing is arranged. The FEEDGROW® unit is the suretyship for your loan.

We also offer other financing options through Auction Finance and The Rental Company to find a solution that will suit your budget.

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The FEEDGROW® units with our unique patented technology are the future of livestock and game farming in the world and have a major impact on the profitability and sustainability of your farm. It provides solutions to everyday issues, such as predators, high electricity costs, water, machinery & high labour costs, fertilizer, grain prices, climate and seasons, which unfortunately can’t be controlled when growing and maintaining a successful feed source. With the unique FEEDGROW® unit, the barley sprouts are an excellent highly nutritious green feed with constant quality and quantity throughout the year for your animals, either as an additional feed, feedlot or an intensive multi-lamb-production system. Our range consists of a series of moveable units, according to different capacities, as well as walk-in units. The moveable FEEDGROW® units are manufactured, installed and delivered as a complete FEEDGROW® unit on your premises in South Africa. We also have a range of walk-in units which we construct on-site at your premises on a concrete floor.

The FEEDGROW® unit is an “all-in-one automated hydroponic feed production unit”, wherein barley seeds are sprouted for animal feed in a six-grow-day cycle at a low cost of only R0.80c to R0.90c per kg of green feed. When considering buying a hydroponic unit it is important that the production and price should be viewed in the following context: The 750kg FEEDGROW® unit produces the equivalent amount of feed that would be produced on a 17-hectare centre pivot but with a saving of about 90% in electricity consumption together with all the above mentioned huge savings in water, labour, chemicals and machinery costs.

FEEDGROW® units extend the benefits. Lower labour costs, no machinery expenses, implements, chemicals, and fertilizer is required, which means further saving for the customer. The FEEDGROW® production process is so user-friendly and automated in order for anyone to handle the barley sprout production 365 days a year. The FEEDGROW® unit only utilizes 24 m² for production and therefore control can be kept on feed production, animal production and losses due to stock theft and problem animals. The FEEDGROW® units are designed especially for extreme weather conditions. The FEEDGROW® unit produces feed, regardless of the climate, for 365 days per year. We are a registered vendor with all major financial institutions and our units are financed where the bank takes the FEEDGROW unit as surety like any other normal vehicle finance with the option to choose monthly instalments, 6 monthly instalment or annual instalment which allows you to feed, market and sell your animals in the meantime ensuring enough capital and profit to afford your instalment.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of cheap reproductions in the market that is much cheaper because they use cheap quality materials, inferior temperature control methods and trays linked with little or no knowledge of hydroponic sprouting chambers. Do ensure though that you buy from a reputable manufacturer with the correct technology and proven knowledge as can be seen in our results – hereto attached from the Cornell University Laboratory in New York where our FEEDGROW® sprouts were analysed to prove that only FEEDGROW® sprouts consists of the highest nutritional values due to our unique method and controlled technology


The popular 750kg movable FEEDGROW® unit uses 128kg seed daily to produce 750kg feed per day. The barley sprouts have the highest nutritional value of all green feeds, small grains and grasses.

The sprouting process in the unique FEEDGROW® unit causes the following chemical changes: Starches are converted to plant sugars and 56% of the 20.4% crude protein is converted to bypass protein.

The inhibitors are dissolved in the seeds resulting in more vitamins and minerals available for absorption by the animals. Due to the abovementioned factors, you will achieve the fastest and most beneficial production.

The animals are always well-hydrated and energetic. An increase in milk production, growth, production and reproduction is also obtained. The high enzyme content of the barley sprouts enables the animal to efficiently utilize low-value roughage. Preferably the barley sprouts should be fresh when offered to the animals. The animals consume the complete sprout mat and therefore there is no feed waste resulting in even more savings.

When feeding sprouts as an additional feed, on natural grazing, which is balanced roughage, the 750kg FEEDGROW® unit can easily feed 750 ewes at 1kg per sheep/goat.

Alternatively, you can feed 375 sheep/goats in a feedlot or finish off 375 lambs in a feedlot and easily realize a 300-400gram ADG (average daily gain) per day at a feed cost of R3.60 per lamb per day.

With the feeding of barley sprouts, ewes with lambs will produce more milk. You will find that the lambs utilize the barley sprouts as a starter feed, from an early age, for which one should compensate the ewe’s ration. With pregnant and lactating ewes in the breed lot, an additional feed should be given with some roughage with the barley sprouts. The lambs in the feedlot must receive a finishing ration in order to reach higher feeding targets.

With calves where 10kg sprouts with a maize component sprouted on top of the barley sprouts, together with 5.5kg production ration and roughage an ADG of 1.6kg to 1.95kg can be achieved, depending on race and age. The fact that you feed effectively and economically quadruples your profit.

Taking into consideration the carrying capacity of 70 cattle or 375sheep/goat and the amount you would spend for grazing or irrigation, you can buy ± 10 FEEDGROW 750kg units for the same amount and can therefore carry 10 times more sheep or cattle on the same size of land.

With horses, it is good practice to give a 15% dry ration with the barley sprouts. Horses prefer a little “long-hay” with the barley sprouts. However, you can substitute any percentage of their ration with barley sprouts. In the case of endurance horses, one should be aware of the high protein content of the barley sprouts, for the prevention of Laminitis.

The barley sprouts are suitable for all game species and leaf eaters, whether on pasture or in a boma.

The full 750kg movable FEEDGROW® unit together with our unique CLIMATECH climate control system, irrigation system, shelves, seed trays, grow lights and pump with a 1000 litre water tank, is installed and commissioned free of charge in South Africa. FEEDGROW® transport and deliver the units free of charge in South Africa, with our specialized vehicle.

This FEEDGROW® unit is movable and it is not necessary to place the FEEDGROW unit under a shelter/roof or on a concrete floor. The FEEDGROW® units are designed and manufactured with high-quality materials and workmanship to withstand extreme weather conditions and still deliver high-quality green feed consistently. The 750kg FEEDGROW® unit utilizes 1500 litres of water per day and uses more or less R850.00 electricity per month. All production costs considered the feed is produced at only R0.80c – R0.90c per kg. Due to high-quality materials, expertise and workmanship, the FEEDGROW® units have a lifespan of 20-30 years and come with a 12-month warranty. FEEDGROW® will provide you with complete and proven feeding information and rations to reduce any risks and to assist you in farming successfully.

For your convenience, FEEDGROW® will supply you with the nearest quality seed supplier’s contact details as we, unfortunately, don’t deal with seed sales.